Sunday, 28 July 2013

1st Scala Jozi meetup.

I held the first ever Scala Jozi meetup on the 22nd of July at JoziHub, a very nice space to foster collaboration and help local startups.

About 14 people attended my Introduction to Scala "talk". As I had no idea of the skill levels of the audience, I kept the presentation fairly generic. 

I was very happy about the feedback I received shortly after the presentation. For the next meetup, I am thinking of doing something a lot more practical, some simple coding following the "Koans" approach. 

ScalaKoans seems like a good start, I might use it, or make my own version with a more local flavour. 

Many thanks to JoziHub for hosting the events: they are super nice people, the facilities are great.

I haven't yet scheduled the next meetup, but I am trying to run them on a regular basis (i.e. 2nd monday of each month). 

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