Monday, 7 April 2014

Introduction to at JoziHub.

Last night (07/04/2014), I gave an introduction to the Spray framework to the Scala Johannesburg User Group. For this event, we returned to JoziHub where Scala-Jozi started in July 2012.

The presentation was half slides and half code samples.

The event last night was the busiest meetup we've had so far with about 20 people. The talk was well received and I had plenty of questions. I specially liked the ones I could not answer, since that means I have to do more homework to make the presentation even better. 

When I started Scala-Jozi back in July 2012, there was not an awful lot of Scala going on in Joburg (or in SA). Fast forward to yesterday, and things have changed quite a bit with more and more people using Scala in their day to day job, including a top secret startup using Scala, Akka and Spray. 

Many thanks again to JoziHub for letting us use their facility. We all really like the space and the facilities it offers (very nice projector, super fast Internet, easy access). 

Next month, Andreas will be giving an Introduction to Functional Programming, and we will be looking at how languages such as Haskell approach FP.

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